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Today nothing can stop me.

I feel like I’m king of the world and I stand lonely at the top of a hill

Where is my crown?

I have made my demons my foot stool and now I wander around looking for the next conquest

What’s stopping me from total domination?

This world is putty in my hand and I mold it to my liking

What’s that you say? I sound more arrogant than confident?

They say to celebrate every victory. And maybe I’m not out yet but this puffing of the chest is a call to arms.

I am the vengeful sword that gleams in the moonlight.

Dusk has fallen and my foes wish to devour me whole.

One reflection of my sword is enough to leave them helplessly scurrying for retreat.

Defeat I will not taste. I have seen the abyss and stared it down and it made me a man.

I turn darkness and convert it into light

I think they call that alchemy.

I have turned pain into power. Presence. In essence, I have turned lead into gold.

Now I sit atop my lonely hill with a mountain full of gold and only my ego to stroke.

Being so high makes you only think about falling. But I mustn’t think of that now. I mustn’t fear it.

Courage is knowing you can fail but still deciding to fight the fight.

And I’m not ready to give up. Not now, not ever.

I’ve lifted the veil to take a peak over yonder and what I witnessed with my own eyes was enough to spark a light within me. A light that shall not be doused so easily.

It is my hope, my faith, my intuition. In essence it is me.

I will not be robbed.

Author: artisticapathy

Since I was in grade school I’ve loved to create. I wrote and illustrated whole worlds since I was able. When I was a little older I directed home movies with my friends. It’s safe to say I’ve always had a thing for the arts. It’s something that’s as much me as my physical makeup. This blog was a re-commitment to that self. Here I can be expressive, provocative, enlightening, whatever. I love to write.

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