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When You Find Out You’re Literally the Joker (but not exactly)

In my journey of self discovery I’ve come across a lot of nuance and new concepts. I’ve known about the Myer-Briggs test or MBTI personality test but I never took it. On the first attempt I got INFP(INFJ). I knew it couldn’t be a fluke. Everything about INFP made sense.

For those who don’t know, it means Introverted- Intuitive-Feeling-Perceiving. While INTJ, the personality type, which accounts for 1% of the entire global population stands for Introverted-Intuitive-Thinking-Judging. INFP also makes up a small fraction at 4%.

Being that the probability of getting such a result is so rare, the chances of getting that result are so slim that it would be almost impossible to put the wrong answers and get the result unless that was the result you were intentionally trying to get.

It seems that INFJ and INFP are regularly associated with the Empath Archetype. Or someone who empathizes heavily with others almost to their detriment. This is something I experience on a daily basis. It’s no wonder I sometimes envy those who can remain detached in every single situation.

I cannot merely just sit back and be indifferent to the world’s suffering. It’s just not in my DNA. Literally, and also on a cosmic soul level, apparently.

It seems their is a certain kind of individual, or a healer rather, they are called Heyoka. They are shamanistic in nature but are known as tricksters and you could even liken them to something like a demi-god. At least that’s how they are perceived in the culture of the Sioux nation people. The Lakota, The Dakota and Nakota tribes that make up the great plains of North America.

These tribes have a legacy going way back. Think of Heyokas as sacred clowns. They are distinguished and notable for knowing just the right thing to say, how to make someone laugh, how to disarm someone without engaging in violence and so on. They are tricksters, yes, and they may take on many “roles” and disguises but they are true to themselves, don’t get it confused.

Heyokas are largely associated with the MBTI type INFJ. With INFJs being so rare in the world, it’s safe to say that Heyokas are a small commodity. But they are not akin to just the Sioux Nation. Tricksters are all over mythology. Just think of the Norse god Loki. He’s a trickster.

Like anything, knowing what is on another’s mind at any given time and knowing how to get through to them could be used for evil but more often than not, Heyokas just find themselves unable to be inauthentic. Just by merely being true to themselves they are holding up a mirror to people and whatever people see is just a reflection of their deepest darkest fears, insecurities, unhealed traumas or aspirations or even what makes them happy, tick or stimulated.

Truly, Heyokas are underrated. And being that a psychic told me in a reading that my soul’s original name is of Sioux origin it only makes even more sense that I happen to be simultaneously an Empath, INFJ and yes, a Heyoka. I can see it in myself it’s so easy to recognize.

All our lives we are told we are not that special. But if you could back it up with physical proof? It’s literally the top 1% of people. It’s quite astonishing. I can’t help to think I have an immense responsibility to help others but overall help myself reach a certain level of jubilee and grace and distinction so that I may serve others in a real way…

Beautiful Black Boy

Hey beautiful black boy, how’s your mental health?

When is the last time someone checked in on you?

Hey beautiful black boy

Our ancestors went through too much for you to be so hard on yourself.

Remember where you come from. Warriors. Legends. Tribes. Kings and queens. Dynasties.

Hey beautiful black boy. Your lips aren’t too big. They’re just right.

Hey beautiful black boy, it’s okay to like things other than Hip-Hop, Basketball and shiny jewelry.

Hey beautiful black boy. You can be with anyone you want. F*ck what they told you.

Hey beautiful black boy. It’s okay to cry sometimes.

Hey beautiful black boy, it’s okay to not be so tough all the time.

It’s also okay to use big words and vocabulary.

Hey beautiful black boy, there’s nothing wrong with working a regular job.

There’s nothing wrong with not being a player.

Hey beautiful black boy, it’s okay to be romantic sometimes.

Hey beautiful black boy, it’s okay to show your artistic side.

It’s okay to be kind to everyone. Children, grown-ups and even animals.

Hey beautiful black boy. It’s okay to wear pink, wear flowers in your hair, paint your nails and to like girly things.

Hey beautiful black boy. It’s okay to like the same sex.

Hey beautiful black boy. When they look at you as a savage, just remember that they don’t know the real you.

Hey beautiful black boy