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Emotional Catharsis Through Music

When you are feeling gloomy, just got through a bad breakup etc. do you go to that one special song you know will make you feel better? I like listening to soundtracks, instrumentals, when I am feeling down. Why in particular? I find that when there are no lyrics you just get pure emotion from the music. There aren’t any lyrics putting thoughts in your head. For example, a song about a breakup. It will be hard to imagine anything else with lyrics like “I miss you baby!” Don’t get me wrong, sometimes a song will have lyrics and I will still get a completely different feel than the message of the song. But not often. For this purpose I prefer music with no lyrics when I am wallowing. Often times I don’t know what’s so comforting about the song but other times I am able to point out the exact emotion a song gives me like “longing” and “loss” and I feel all my emotions spill out. I recommend when you are feeling not so yourself to not try to cover up feelings with happy go-lucky songs. Confront your emotions head on and hey, you might just learn something about yourself you didn’t know before.


Thanks for viewing my site. If you are the kind of person who has a lot of opinions, especially when it comes to stuff like music, films, art in general, then this is probably the place for you.

Here I will discuss my thoughts on anything I feel conveys a feeling or message or just my personal interpretation of something.

This is not an objective blog by any means. Also, don’t be surprised if you see “journal entries” or just off-topic rants.

Also, I’m keeping the default quote at the bottom cause I like it. Enough said.

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