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The Name Artistic Apathy and What it Means

The definition of apathy is lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern. Hopefully I don’t have to define artistic for you, because even that definition varies among people. So, Artistic Apathy? What do I mean by that. Well, if it’s not already obvious, it means basically, no enthusiasm or interest for pursuit in the arts.

You may think that’s a strange name for a blog that’s all about art. Well, that moniker is somewhat personal.

I believe certain people have an innate desire to create. When that person is cut off from their creativity, they begin to deteriorate. This can happen in the form of a creative block, where no ideas are coming out or in my case, you could lose all sense of who you are and your purpose to the point where creating is the least of your worries. The very thing I was cutting myself off from could have been my saving grace.

Anyway, I see this as turning over a new leaf. This blog was part of that. The name is just to acknowledge that that was something I went through and still might go through.

I want to share something personal with you all now, and it relates to all this.

I wrote my first complete story in a long time. Albeit, it was a bit short but I was very proud of it. I used my own pain and experience to write it and I felt like I wrote characters people could really connect to.

I had to kill off one of my beloved characters for the sake of the advancement of the story. Their death triggered something within me and I cried actual tears. I had never been impacted by a story like that before and it was something I wrote. I knew then that this means a lot to me. It was the first real release I had in a long time.

If I knew then just how important my creativity was, it would have helped a lot. Thank you for reading. Till the next post.

Secret (2007) – Taiwanese Film Review

Secret is a 2007 Taiwanese film written, and directed by but also starring Jay Chou who is primarily known as a Taiwanese musician. Jay plays, well, Jay, the main character. Opposite to him is Kwai Lun-Mei who plays Rain. Yes, I’ll be using the English names for this review. I don’t know the Chinese ones.

Summary: Jay is a new transfer student at an art school. He is a musical prodigy, specifically piano. One day when he is taking a tour of the school he stumbles into an old building, hearing some very captivating piano music. That’s when he encounters Rain. Another student who is also skilled at piano and is very mysterious. The two end up getting very close. Rain has a secret but she won’t tell Jay what it is.

Some minor characters include: Sky, a classmate who has a crush on Jay. Bob and Lance, Jay’s no-good jock friends, and Jay’s father.

Secret is a movie I saw many moons ago when I yet wasn’t an adult. This year I revisited it again when Netflix brought it back. I revisited it for the third time and that’s why I’m writing this review. One thing I have to say: it’s still just as good if not better than the first time I saw it. There were so many things I did not realize when I first watched the movie but who can blame me. It was very subtle.

There’s definitely something about Rain but as a first time viewer you will not pick up on it right away. The movie is masterful in the way it keeps you guessing. After watching it a third time I picked up on how cleverly they string you along and leave you unassuming. Only for everything to be completely unraveled in the end.

Kwai Lun-Mei’s performance as Rain is just captivating. You don’t want to forget her. She’s also absolutely adorable. That always helps. Rain is very playful and likes to have fun, often sneaking up on Jay to scare him and even teasing him. Jay is more reserved and plays the cool guy act well. He’s also very humble and likeable. The chemistry between these two is undeniable. They seem to bring out the best in each other. There’s even a moment where they play piano together.

Just. Adorable.

Their moments are surprisingly intimate. I shall not forget their bike rides and their moments just overlooking the river.

The relationship isn’t perfect however. Rain always alludes to having a secret. Jay always has a hard time reading her. He even goes so far as to ask why she’s so mysterious. Rain wants to tell him her secret desperately but just can’t.

At one point, Rain stops showing up to class. During this time, Jay starts spending a lot of time with Sky, trying to not think about Rain but he can’t get over her. She all but disappears for five months up until graduation where the two see each other again. Later, it is revealed who Rain truly is.

Everything that takes place in the movie is meaningful. The piano battle that takes place, while entertaining, serves a purpose. Even when Lance is doing an impression of Elvis at a school dance, and Rain and Jay dance together, it’s setting the stage for something later.

Rain and Jay both have single parents. Not a whole lot is known about Rain’s home life. At home, Jay does all the cooking and cleaning. He lives with his single father that’s always expecting the most from him. At first he seems stern but shows a lighthearted side. Although he is tough on him, it is obvious that he just wants the best for his son.

Still, Jay and his father don’t seem to connect well. At one point in the movie Jay is washing dishes and his dad is telling him to be “ordinary.” The way I interpreted this is to not attract attention and do what is expected, not being untalented or common. Although, he is a musical prodigy, he is still hard on himself. He tells Rain that she’s special but he isn’t.

Rain and Jay spend most of their time in the old piano room where they met. When Jay tells Rain that it is being torn down she tells him that she will teach him the song that he heard when they first met.

Jay wonders why she plays it so fast.

“It’s how fast I play before I go home.”

She advises against playing it in the old piano room because it “wouldn’t sound good”.

Another thing, is the soundtrack. My god, the soundtrack is outstanding! Seriously, matter of fact I have it downloaded on my phone. I like to listen to it from time to time. Jay Chou even wrote some of the songs on there and he did an amazing job. They really set the mood and are just beautiful pieces of music.

Also the backdrops! Yes! My words can’t do them justice but some of the shots and settings are just beautiful.

All in all, I have no complaints with this movie. If you like a good love story especially one with a twist and you like music you will like this. I gotta give it a 10/10 master work.

Emotional Catharsis Through Music

When you are feeling gloomy, just got through a bad breakup etc. do you go to that one special song you know will make you feel better? I like listening to soundtracks, instrumentals, when I am feeling down. Why in particular? I find that when there are no lyrics you just get pure emotion from the music. There aren’t any lyrics putting thoughts in your head. For example, a song about a breakup. It will be hard to imagine anything else with lyrics like “I miss you baby!” Don’t get me wrong, sometimes a song will have lyrics and I will still get a completely different feel than the message of the song. But not often. For this purpose I prefer music with no lyrics when I am wallowing. Often times I don’t know what’s so comforting about the song but other times I am able to point out the exact emotion a song gives me like “longing” and “loss” and I feel all my emotions spill out. I recommend when you are feeling not so yourself to not try to cover up feelings with happy go-lucky songs. Confront your emotions head on and hey, you might just learn something about yourself you didn’t know before.


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