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Imagine this…

You are brought into a world with no previous knowledge of it. Your first breath of air is a gasp.

The first people you are introduced to are your family. You spend your formative years with them. About four or so, at least until you are able to speak and communicate.

When you are old enough, you are taken away from the comfort of your home and warm embrace of your parents and put in the schooling system. You cry. Since you can’t see them all day every day.

School is exciting at first because you get to learn new things. Try new things. Expand your curiosity.

You may make some friends but only at a superficial level.

Then as the years go by, you become more independent. You realize you don’t need your parents for everything. You develop new interests and hobbies. Maybe you make new friends as a result of these interests.

You get older and realize that people will lie to get what they want. Turn on others if need be. And that people have a cruel side. Maybe you’ve lied to get your way or gone behind someone’s back.

For whatever reason, you are here now. You didn’t really ask to be put here and maybe you didn’t really want to lie or go behind that person’s back but you saw no other way at the time.

You try to develop your own sense of identity. You figure out what you like in other people and what you dislike… Over time, things seem to clear themselves up.

Still, there’s confusion. Maybe about the way you feel. Your job. Am I doing things the right way?

Then suddenly you ask yourself what you are doing it all for and how so many years flew by. All the times you wasted with people who seemed to be good for you… You wonder how you can protect yourself from being hurt again.

You don’t want to need people but you do.

Also, you are not a child anymore and you can’t just live off your parents. You’re expected to have things figured out. Manage your emotions, navigate people and live in a world that becomes more maddening by the second.


What you are left with…

Author: artisticapathy

Since I was in grade school I’ve loved to create. I wrote and illustrated whole worlds since I was able. When I was a little older I directed home movies with my friends. It’s safe to say I’ve always had a thing for the arts. It’s something that’s as much me as my physical makeup. This blog was a re-commitment to that self. Here I can be expressive, provocative, enlightening, whatever. I love to write.

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