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On the Subject of Friendship

Do you ever really lose a friend?

I can’t say I’ve ever lost a friend over a big dispute or in an ugly fashion. And I’m not speaking for those who’ve lost friends to something much more serious like an illness or passing, etc.

When you grow apart from a friend do they ever really leave you? I can count on two hands the friends that have mattered most to me in my short time here on earth. Each of those friends have left an impact on me and have shaped me in some fashion.

Unfortunately, life has a way of just separating you from people you were once close with. This is done so easily with friends as they tend to come and go. Simple differences like beliefs, attitudes, can be the cause. You may not see “eye to eye” anymore. Some friends you let go but still a part of you is holding on. You may check up on them from time to time but they’re not really a part of your daily life. I find myself years after last talking to someone, still having them in the back of my mind. I may even dream about them repeatedly, to my surprise. This shows me that I haven’t let go. Every true friend along the journey impacted me in such a way that they still have a place inside me. So, do you ever really let go of a friend? Even if things ended badly, do you not reflect on the good times? After all, they were good to you at one point. I know for me, I still consider them my friends in some way even though we don’t really communicate anymore.

Thank you for reading.

Piece of Me

I came up with another interesting metaphor the other day. What if your heart was divided into fragments and each person you loved carried a piece of it?

So, you don’t give your heart to a single person but multiple people, those you love, each get a piece of you. This also made me wonder, if there are only so many pieces, than there are only a limited amount of people you can truly love. Take family for example, your family might each have a piece of you but I believe that others carry a bigger piece of your love in them than others. You might secretly prefer one brother/sister over an another. I believe this makes sense because when your heart is broken, it’s not that your whole heart is broken but that a piece you gave someone has been broken. It can always be repaired. I think then we must be careful who we give a piece to because there are only so many. Someone might break a piece you give them and then you will wander for long looking for someone to mend it. You might want to save a piece for yourself too.

This has been the writer at Artistic Apathy, thank you for reading.

A Fond Memory

The cold envelopes everything around me.

I open the blinds, the sky is gray, there’s snow on the ground.

Inside I am warm. Inside I am safe.

I go into the kitchen to make breakfast.

Later that day I go outside, wrapped in my winter coat and wearing my winter boots.

I open that door and the sharp wind hits my face like a blast.

I’m covered head to toe but nothing to cover my face.

While I’m warm I can still tell how savagely cold it is.

I venture out to my favorite shop on foot, taking in my familiar surroundings that have been overtaken by the veil of winter.

Trees once magnificent have lost their leaves, the sun plays a game of hide-and-seek.

Still, life goes on. The seasons come and go, as they say.

I make it to my favorite shop after a long hike and everything is well in the world. It’s warm inside.

“Hi,” the cashier greets me.

“Hi,” I say.