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Isolation Therapy #2

Sept. 25th, 2019

I sit here writing, I’m not sure why…

The beauty of language.

Ah, it just came to me.

The very idea that lacing sentences together could be a craft. I love my life… oh, that’s a bit off-topic. But yes, back to language. Language is a positively wonderful thing because it allows us to express what’s going on inside our heads. Also, language largely comprises the make-up of our day-in, day-out thinking. Just imagine if we didn’t have it. But just like someone can be a master craftsman with words, so can someone speak to you through music. We’ve all heard the phrase “this is speaking to me.” I think this can be true in the metaphysical sense.

Just imagine. I’m in my room, the atmosphere is positively romantic and I’m listening to smooth jazz. The music speaks to the environment and by extension, my radiant soul.

In other words, it “speaks to me.” Everything can be said without so much as a word. This is also why others have described silence as deafening. Silence is almost like an entity that can devour you and the room whole. If you are resistant to it, it will cause a great deal of pain because silence will devour you anyway. This is why a lot of people cry when they are finally alone with no distractions.

In today’s world, everyone is trying to avoid solace/silence/isolation. You might just discover that your own company is much more pleasurable than that of others if you sit with no distractions for a bit and just take in the moment.

It’s a fun time indeed.

Nothing like it.

So good to see you again.