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It is the morning of January 3rd and things are especially quiet.

I feel a big space. Rather, I sense a big space and I am in it. I am apart of that big space.

As I converge with said big space, I myself feel a lot bigger.

Boundless, even.

Not a single care in the world, almost as if I’m floating on a dream.

Everything provided for, nothing to stress over.

A clean slate in the truest sense. Given, I could go anywhere I want to go, see anything or do whatever.

It is the morning of January 3rd and I am


My Year in Review

2019 was a surprisingly positive year with a lot of development.

This year I saw myself unravel before my very eyes and leave my anxiety and depression from the previous year in the dust.

At the very beginning of the year I escaped to the more tropical climate of Dominican Republic and spent three whole months recuperating after a massive traumatizing event.

I got to re-connect with a lot of family members and it felt good just to be surrounded by people who love me.

When I came back in May, I got a new job within a week of being back home.

I had no idea how much this new job would mean to me and how essential it would be for my development as a person. I didn’t account for the invaluable relationships I would make and the sense of responsibility and the confidence that comes along with that.

This year I attended more concerts than ever before.

I only attended one concert in 2018 but this year I even saw myself going out of state for one (which was glorious by the way).

I saw musicians I had been following for a long time which left a real impression on me. I connected with myself as well as my comrades, the fans.

I hope that in 2019 I will get to see many more of my favorite artists and have a great time.

This is the year I got in the moment. On and off I meditated everyday for months. Even having a streak of 29 days at one point. I learned a lot about myself through meditation. I learned how to handle fears and emotions better. I became a more efficient person and more in tune with myself. As a result I became less addictive and more content with how things were in the present moment.

In 2019 I let go of relationships that weren’t serving me. I plan to focus more on the people who have time for me and value me this year than those who really don’t or pretend to.

All in all I’m grateful for this year and glad that I made it through in one piece.

Any resolutions? No. Just to continue working on myself and get closer to my heart.

Happy New Year 2020 everyone.