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Maritime Mail

“Dear Wildflower, how are you? I hope this letter finds you in good standing. Today I sat atop the tower and I looked over at the sea. I thought ‘wow, I’m so blessed. I have all these things.’ Still I did not feel like it was enough. I’ve been like this for quite some time. Please, write to me soon. Your friend, your correspondent.”

“Dear Correspondent, I am good. Today I went to the market and sold well. I love this little town no matter how quaint. I watch the same vendors bicker all day and I never grow tired of it… About your situation, I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe you need to leave that tower and explore the world like me. It will broaden your mind.”

“Dear Wildflower, I’m glad to see you are doing well. Your town sounds a lot better than this tower. I think I’ve made my mind up. I’m going to leave the comfort zone of my precious tower and travel the world. I have the funds to do it after all.”

“Dear Correspondent, I’m happy for you. I think you will come to realize something special out on the road. This town is nice, but I feel I may outgrow it soon. Maybe I’ll see you out there?

Your friend, Wildflower.”

“Dear Wildflower, I found a seaside town called Port Augustus. I’ve been here for several weeks. Something begs me to stay but at the same time my spirit calls for me to continue my journey. How are things? Are you still at the same address? I hope everything works out for you.”

“Dear Correspondent, I am well again. I’m going to be moving soon. I will send you postage from my new residence when I settle in. That is, if you are still at the same address.”

“Dear Wildflower, I’m leaving this town. I’m not sure if you are still at this address. Maybe they will forward it to you. You never told me where you were moving to. If I never hear from you again, I wish you a well life. Thank you, again.”



It’s my favorite thing

I watch it bring people together

For one moment we’re all under the same banner, we’re all under the same flag

There’s a new creed now

Our souls become merged into a crescendo

It’s my favorite thing

To watch bring people together…

Merry Christmas.

See Me

I want you to see me

Can you see clearly?

Am I in focus?

It’s me.

And I’ve waited longingly for you

For the day…

Where we could become one

Still, you won’t come to a conclusion

Do you want to keep running from me?

Or will you embrace me?

After all, I am… You.

Not Your Keeper

I don’t own you…

And I think that is so beautiful

I watch you dance and prance on the stage of life

You are so fascinating

You are your own person

How could I ever keep you caged like a bird?

The caged bird sings but you sing even louder when you are free to roam

I won’t be the one to bind you.


Run free

Make me proud to be in this maze with you

A Rainy Afternoon

It’s a quiet afternoon in my homestead.

Rain patters on the window glass.

The window is so awash with rain I cannot see what is beyond it, out there…

I see lights. It’s something almost resembling Van Gogh’s starry night.

I hear the sound of running water and the clang of dishes together in the sink.

Everything is still.

Dinner will be ready soon so there is no need to fuss.

A movie plays on screen, where it is also raining.

Then suddenly, a flash of lightning strikes and I await the thunder but all that follows is the increasing noise of rain outside.

It seems the mood is perfectly set.

I’m not thinking about anything. Not thinking about what I will do tomorrow or what I have done today. It’s just now.

I’m here for the now.