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What will become of me?

Uncertainty grips me and a ticking time bomb is formed in the pit of my stomach

Tick tock… Only moments until it spontaneously combusts.

This worry, this anxiety, is it necessary or is it something I may discard like a used tissue?

Why am I so fearful of something that is only in my body?

And why do things have to go my way ever time? Could things be perfectly fine not going my way?

Why do I need to have a control on things and what do I hope to get in return?

Also, why do I need the answers to these questions or is this another attempt at obtaining control?

My worst fears made true… Them not approving of me. Me being abandoned and cast aside like a cigarette butt out of a car window

My worst fear is being forgotten. If I’m forgotten then what becomes of me? What will happen? Who am I and what am I here to do?

I’m afraid I’ll have nothing. Nothing to fall back on. No security. No sense of comfort. Just utter loneliness.

Let me feel this void a bit longer because something tells me something is trying to come through.

Life is teaching me something and there’s still a lot left more to learn.

2 Souls

I approach you with the heart of a child

Your music is like magic to me

You’re like a siren the way your call informs the world around me

In a technologically advanced world, you remind me what it’s like to have an old soul

As the world revolves around us, we’re reminded more and more that it’s more than just about us

Let’s abandon selfish desires for something pure… Something unadulterated…

We trip up on words unspoken. Left to the imagination, what’s unassuming becomes visceral and amplifies with each quaking moment.

Allow me to come clean once and for all. I leave my filthy rags behind for some fine linen white robes.

Let’s endure this love everlasting. Making each moment for exciting than the previous one.