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Salvage Yard

Take whatever you can salvage.

Everything must go.

The old saying “out with the old, in with the new” applies to this current situation

In this yard lies unfulfilled dreams, pain, darkness, long forgotten memories

Soon, everything will be tossed into the furnace.

The purifying blue flame that is this current moment.

After that, the old will cease to be.

I will become a new creature, reborn from the ashes like a phoenix.

Still though, I find myself coming back to this place time and time again.

What is it that keeps me here and binds me to this place? This attachment that feels more and more like a sore each time?

I will pluck out the thorn from my side, correct my posture and walk the line that is set out in front of me.

Shadows of yesterday will not be able to withstand the light that magnifies with each given day.

And in return, the shadows thank me. You see, a shadow doesn’t know it’s a shadow.

I sit atop a rusty old car and wonder if it’s going anywhere. But then I remember it’s not functional.

So I trade in my keys for some new ones.

Down to go for a little joy ride?

Buried Treasure

There exists a treasure buried at the foot of a mountain

They say it only comes to you in a dream

Therefore, very few people have found that treasure

Many people seek the treasure but look in all the wrong places

It seems the location is only revealed to a select few

Once, it came to a man in a dream and he went out and told the townspeople “follow me to the treasure,” but no one followed.

So the man went on a journey alone to discover the treasure at the foot of the mountain.

The journey was perilous and not without trial but the man was determined to find the treasure

By some miracle unknown he discovered the treasure buried deep within the footbed of the mountain. He thought “If I had to climb down from the top, this would be harder.”

When he found the treasure, the treasure was vast and innumerable. There was more than enough to share. So he took his share of the treasure and went back to the town where he lived.

The townspeople marveled at the gold, jewel and trinkets that the man had brought back. He tried to tell them where to find this buried treasure and that there was more than enough for everyone. When he told them how easy it was, no one believed him. And so, no one else in that town found the treasure for themselves.

The man kept the gold and trinkets and split the wealth, so that way everyone could be wealthy. Some, instead of asking, took from him. But since he was going to give it away anyway, he did not convict them.

The man kept going back to the source of the treasure and bringing back more because the townspeople couldn’t do it themselves.

Eventually, the townspeople had so much gold that they stopped taking from him.

“We have enough gold already,” they said.

The townspeople and the man wound up living merrily with all the gold they had acquired. They had more than enough gold and money to buy material things so they just continued to accumulate wealth until they had an abundance.



I traverse the path they call life with you

Over they sky, a monochrome rainbow but now a different hue

Stabbed me one too many times, been my thorn one too many times… I thought of getting rid of you

A relationship is a gamble for me but you I couldn’t stand to lose

We have conversations over coffee, see, but we still have different views

Offer me a million girls from all around the world and still only you I’d choose

I’ve come clean. I’ve righted my wrongs. I’ve paid my debts. I’ve paid my dues

Please let this be as sweet as candy and as pure as white snow on a frosty December morning.

Wherever you are, whatever it is, I’ll meet you there, no matter what it’s concerning.

An unquenchable torch within my heart that will forever be burning

I fear my emotions are too much sometimes and you’ll leave in a hurry

Please reassure me everyday and tell me “I love you” so I never have to worry.

A Town In Blue

A constant pouring of rain

Renders the brain…


I can see you through this, if you’ll let me

I know everyone around you isn’t helping

Always thinking they know the best thing

Nothing’s working out, it’s upsetting

Just hold on.

Hold on.

You were never alone all along.

It just takes for you see that.

I know you feel you have to face facts…

But when you’re around me you can relax

Put the drugs down, don’t relapse.

Pain… my attitude towards it has changed.

I once saw it as a hinderance… Now I see it as the coal that fuels this locomotive of a crazy ride called life. My deliverance.

Be free from worry, end your strife.

There’s so much more to discover, put down the knife.

We can make it… If we can keep in mind… That it won’t always be nice.

I want you alive and if I have to… I’ll say it twice.

She Will

My intentions are pure, I swear it

I saw you sitting alone by yourself, looking isolated

I can be more than a shoulder to cry on. I can be more than just your man.

From one glimpse it became abundantly clear how truly beautiful you are. The way you carried yourself, suggested an underlying grace mucked up by years of betrayal and decpetion

Allow me to be the outlier, the fire that burns the inhibitions lying deep within you

In my thoughts I held your hand and it was warm. Our love could be hotter than sitting by the fireplace on an average afternoon

Who fed you lies about yourself? That you weren’t enough? That you weren’t pretty or graceful enough? Blasphemy. I would have thought you were Nike herself.

I don’t know the best way to approach you, though I see you in the same place every afternoon… but a simple greeting might do.

I want to rendezvous with you. Can we meet at the usual place? You know the one…