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Karmic Balance

The young man was sullen. It seemed every attempt he had at making a good life was foiled.

Day after day, bad things would happen and he would take it on the nose.

It was something he was used to.

He wondered how much longer he could endure hit after hit until he broke.

One day something snapped in him and he decided he was no longer going to be a slave to his circumstances.

He would clean up his act once and for all and redeem himself.

When he decided that at that moment, unbeknownst to him, hell was unleashed upon him.

His life got so dramatically worse he pondered taking his own life to finally escape the wheel of suffering.

Realizing that it wasn’t the answer, he endured some more.

Shrouded in ultimate darkness, not even a beacon of hope.

Sooner or later, a ray of light shined through the clouds. He had already undergone the worst and couldn’t see it getting any worse!

He said “I’m just going to accept this.”

So he practiced accepting.

When he accepted all the bad things going on around him, the bad things started turning into good things.

He was no longer a victim of his circumstances.

He detached from the outcomes of life and found that life was positively enjoyable if you allow it to be. He was the one creating all of his problems all along and was never a victim.

Now, in some strange way, he was thankful for all the things he experienced because his life became enjoyable as a result of the pain he endured.

If he would have surrendered defeat in the eye of the storm, he would have never got to see the calm.

What a cruel yet kind mistress life is.

I’m Not Time Conscious Anymore

I stopped keeping track of time.

Hours, minutes, days… it’s all relative to me.

When I’m at work, I no longer count down the time until I’m free to go.

When I’m at home, I no longer count down the time until I have to go back to work.

I’m just here.

Relishing in the moment. And I’m loving every minute of it (no pun intended).

I’ve stepped into a different “dimension”. A world where time is illusory and everything flows as a continuous now.

I’ve heard it takes years of meditating and a higher consciousness to enter such a state but I’ve done it in such a short time.

I also find myself not having much to say about it. There’s really nothing to say. Except this post I’m writing to you.

When you live in the world of manmade time, focusing on the minutes that have passed or that will, the hours… You are living in the past and future. You are no longer in touch with the secret of nature that we all are apart of.

When you live in the here and now, everything is perfect. Even mistakes. People. People are perfect. Everything is the way it is and you don’t find yourself asking for more.

Because it is enough.

Just to be here.

Thank You For 80 Followers

Recently I’ve hit eighty followers and I just want to say thank you — from the bottom of my heart.

It’s been a long journey of barely over a year but I’m always excited to see what’s on the horizon.

I love interacting with all of you and you all motivate me to write.

I want to share a small art collection, a series of poems or what have you. I like to think of them as expressions. These all came about in a day but are all things that are very current in my life today. They represent what I’m going through, inner conflicts, struggles, illuminating ideas and most of all a new disposition.

For all these reasons I will be calling this work Paradigm Shift.

Here they are, for your enjoyment.

Low Hanging Fruit

Sly Serpent

A Double Metaphor

What More Could It Be?

What a Nice Idea

Baby Steps

A Subtle Offering

Sweet Nothingness

By the River~

There was something enchanting about the river…

As I strolled along I found myself in a state of near bliss as I was accompanied by a gentle breeze and a magnificent sun.

The autumn weather is setting in and it is starting to get cool.

After a long day of stress being heaped upon me, I take solace in my companion, the river.

What it would be like to enjoy this brief retreat with a flesh and blood companion?

Something I can’t quite imagine. I continue on with companionship found in the trees, the weather and mighty long river. They are all mine and they fill me with light and tranquility.

God, I’d like to stay in this state forever but sadly I can’t. There are things that call to my attention from the man-made world.

I wonder what it would be like to be in nature all the time and live off the land.

I recall the post I made about us being inheritors of the Earth. It couldn’t ring more true than now. A paradise a stroll from home. My own personal paradise.